Who we are

Founded in 1988 in the Basque Country to fight ETA’s terrorism through words, the Victims of Terrorism Collective, COVITE, is an organization dedicated to the fight against terrorism and the prevention of violent radicalization. Among Spanish victims associations, only COVITE has the “special consultative status” at United Nations (UN). The Collective carries out its work in Spain and outside Spanish borders and focuses on three key areas: activism, dialogue and research.


COVITE develops and promotes initiatives under the framework of activism through which it encourages the ethical, social and educational delegitimization of terrorism.


COVITE promotes dialogue and cooperation among social and institutional actors from the national and international scene whose work is framed within the fight against violent radicalization.


COVITE develops and promotes high-level research aimed at contextualizing terrorism, preventing violent radicalization and building a Historical Memory centred on the victims of terrorist attacks.