COVITE works to delegitimize the discourse of those who justify terrorism. It does so through the promotion of actions framed within activism and civil disobedience. The Association aims for these initiatives to have an impact on citizens and to make society aware of the importance of its own involvement in the defense of the values that got the victims killed and in exposing the political and social agents who do not yet condemn the use of violence.


COVITE works to valorize and share its experience in the defense of the values of Historical memory, dignity, justice and truth, in its actions aimed at delegitimizing the messages that justify the use of violence and in its defense of the victims of terrorism.

To do this, it promotes a network of work, dialogue and cooperation at an international level to halt violent extremism. This network aims to facilitate contact between experts and international leaders; to gain further knowledge in our areas of operation; to set a public agenda with priority issues; and to support research and the training of experts.


COVITE develops and promotes research that aims to document and contextualize the history of terrorism in order to pass it on to younger generations; and to promote actions in the justice field to ensure that victims are guaranteed their right to justice.